screenshot-21_zps3qohmcgn A well-intentioned but troubled teen, Rory was brought up in one of Bridgeport’s many group homes. Although she now has a happy home life as a result of her adoption, she continues to experience issues fitting in. She hates silence and rules. Her favourite food is blueberry pancakes.
screenshot-24_zps0oztwl99 A mysterious, learned Japanese boy who claims to have been cursed “a long time ago”. Hiro is considered personable but he is actually rather taciturn. His humour is unexpectedly puckish. People tend to become infatuated with Hiro very quickly. He enjoys science and hot green tea.
 screenshot-22_zpsu0ymmtq3 Rory’s best friend. Asa has a natural aptitude for academics but he dislikes school and usually sleeps during class. He tries to set a good example for Rory to follow, but tends to flout social norms himself. He can often be found cloud gazing on the school roof.
screenshot-25_zpsfguacs4v Rory’s adoptive mother. A 3rd grade teacher on the weekdays and flower shop attendant on the weekends. She is welcoming and sweet, but underlying her warm personality is a sternness that she uses to keep Rory and her pupils in line. Natti loves to cook and enjoys fluffy romance sitcoms.
screenshot-3_zpsofaoctgk Bridgeport high school’s baleful Biology teacher. Mr Oda treats his students with open malevolence. His classroom is the only one in the entire school where the students don’t speak unless spoken to.


screenshot-30_zpseh0hhqus A classmate (and secret crush) of Rory’s. Noah comes from a privileged background but he is a very grounded individual, choosing to attend public high school rather than a prestigious prep academy. His father is the Mayor of Bridgeport. Noah likes sports and acting; he makes the occasional TV appearance.

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